FF MicroCement Walls

FF MicroCement Walls—Micro Toppings for Crack-free Walls

FF MicroCement Walls is a cementitious decorative surface coating applied in 2-3 layers and with total thickness of the system not exceeding 3 mm. The surface is typically finished off by sanding or abrasive brushing and then sealing.

Available in numerous base colours options, the FreeForm MicroCement Wall is ideal for renovation applications where a quick turnaround time and minimal damages to existing property are crucial. It makes surfaces and finishes possible which are not ordinarily possible with paints.


Suitable for residential, commercial, indoor & outdoor floors, walls, stairs, counter tops, furniture. Please specify and confirm application before ordering. FF MicroCement wall is also suitable and recommended for swimming pools, water bodies etc. with additional precautions.


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Key Features


Thin Layer Application

Environment friendly

Seamless Application

No joints

Quick Application

Fast completion of project

Lower Dimensional Shrinkage

Fewer cracks in concrete

High Adhesion to Substrate

Less peeling off | High bonding

Extensively Tested at Factory

Quality assurance for you

Low Requirement of Curing

Less supervision required at site

Water Repellence

Moisture ingress & stain protection


FF Microcement Lime

Smooth finish | Minimal Extra Finishing

FF Microcement Style

Light Texture Finish

FF Microcement Antico

Antique and Micro Terrazzo Effect

FF Microcement Stucco

Array of Textures | High Build Surfaces


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